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Friday February 8th, 2002

Asa Dotzler writes: " is planning two developer events in the next couple of months. These are great oportunities to learn more about the Mozilla code and development process and to meet the people that make Mozilla happen." Click the full article for more info.

Also, James "Kovu" Russell has posted some pictures from the developer day that was held at Netscape's campus in Mt. View last November.

#19 Re: Re: You were expecting him older, weren't you

by dipa

Thursday February 14th, 2002 11:25 AM

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To be honest, I personally felt a bit insulted after his overreaction in the past (related to Modern Theme bug 78221 and the overloading of Bugzilla because of useless comments). After a while I started to understand him to some extent (digging into the botomless pit of unconfirmed bugs helped a lot).

I am also able now to undestand the delicate situation in which the drivers and other Mozilla people always are. Not sure exactly who of them are paid for their work but that doesn't matter. There are nice people everywhere that I enjoyed co-operating with (Alex Bischoff is one of them) or just reading their opinions. On the other side trolling and bitching for the work of the others is what I hate most.