Mozilla 0.9.8 Released

Monday February 4th, 2002 today released Milestone 0.9.8 of Mozilla. This release includes the new OS rendered classic theme on Mac OS X and Windows XP, a partial rewrite of the addressbook adding a quicksearch and additional printing enhancements, support for MNG animations, DOM Inspector on the Mac, dynamic theme switching, inline CSS support in composer, and so much more. You can check out the release notes for more information on what's changed and other issues.

Builds are available on's releases page, or on the FTP Server.

With 0.9.8 released, attention turns to 0.9.9, which many believe to be the last milestone prior to 1.0.

#68 Three more boogs.

by rgelb <>

Tuesday February 5th, 2002 10:31 PM

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bug 1: Keyboard shortcut Ctrl++ (for cranking up zoom level) doesn't work. Oddly Ctrl+- (for zooming out) works fine. This is on XP and is probably easy to fix.

boog 2: This has to do with the form/password manager and can be seen on MozillaZine. When you post a message, Moz saves the login, password and title. If you post again, but with a different title, Moz saves a new set (login,password,title). So now you have two entries with the same login/password. When you get to the story in MozillaZine, a dialog pops up asking me to choose between 2 identical logins.

Boog 3. The multiple line textbox is pretty bad. This has been an issue for a while.

Please don't ask me to add these to Bugzilla, as I can't figure the damn thing out.