Mozilla 0.9.8 Released

Monday February 4th, 2002 today released Milestone 0.9.8 of Mozilla. This release includes the new OS rendered classic theme on Mac OS X and Windows XP, a partial rewrite of the addressbook adding a quicksearch and additional printing enhancements, support for MNG animations, DOM Inspector on the Mac, dynamic theme switching, inline CSS support in composer, and so much more. You can check out the release notes for more information on what's changed and other issues.

Builds are available on's releases page, or on the FTP Server.

With 0.9.8 released, attention turns to 0.9.9, which many believe to be the last milestone prior to 1.0.

#64 redraw problems MUCH worse now with .98

by stylo

Tuesday February 5th, 2002 8:32 PM

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Very recent. Sorry, I don't know bug numbers. I just try out the browser because I like it, and post occassionally. I know, I'm not a team player :-(

I have a page where images are changed and hidden/shown via display all within a css layout. Also other info is changed dynamically via the dom. Before, including .97, moz was great with this page, though some redraw problems existed. Recent nightlies had more problems, and .98 is the WORST I've seen. All manner of remnants are left on the page (including entire pictures that are hidden), dynamically written sections are clipped a little so the bottom sentence is only half showing, and the page is not reflowed and overlap occurs with the section below.

The worst is that remanants were normally cleared up with moz when you scroll or resize, but .98 sometimes works there, but usually gets much worse, with multiple instances of the same object showing. Renders the design useless - and by that I mean using the dom to dynamically change info within it. Of course it must be something to do with the relatively complicated design - all css, some absolute positioning - and not just the simple showing/hiding of any div, but .98 is seriously broken here where .97 was fine. Remnants were being left whenever changing the display horizontally (vertically was fine) with Moz on every version I have tried since quite a few milestones, but .98 has some serious regressions on page redraw.

The bugs I will leave for the exterminators.

** "<sarcasm> No, because you have publicly mentioned the bugs, they will now never be fixed and all your accounts will be charged ten pfenugens. </sarcasm>" -Have change for a 50 pfenugen?