Mozilla 0.9.8 Released

Monday February 4th, 2002 today released Milestone 0.9.8 of Mozilla. This release includes the new OS rendered classic theme on Mac OS X and Windows XP, a partial rewrite of the addressbook adding a quicksearch and additional printing enhancements, support for MNG animations, DOM Inspector on the Mac, dynamic theme switching, inline CSS support in composer, and so much more. You can check out the release notes for more information on what's changed and other issues.

Builds are available on's releases page, or on the FTP Server.

With 0.9.8 released, attention turns to 0.9.9, which many believe to be the last milestone prior to 1.0.

#180 saving stored passwords through Password manager

by rein

Thursday February 21st, 2002 2:30 AM

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I have tried this but for whatever reason I could not recover my old password savings. In my opinion copying and/or renaming influnces the decoding and thus the content of the file.