Mozilla 0.9.8 Released

Monday February 4th, 2002 today released Milestone 0.9.8 of Mozilla. This release includes the new OS rendered classic theme on Mac OS X and Windows XP, a partial rewrite of the addressbook adding a quicksearch and additional printing enhancements, support for MNG animations, DOM Inspector on the Mac, dynamic theme switching, inline CSS support in composer, and so much more. You can check out the release notes for more information on what's changed and other issues.

Builds are available on's releases page, or on the FTP Server.

With 0.9.8 released, attention turns to 0.9.9, which many believe to be the last milestone prior to 1.0.

#174 How to feel pain

by DavidGerard <>

Monday February 11th, 2002 7:24 PM

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Run 0.9.8 on a PC with 32 meg of memory.


The processor (PII-233) appears to be up to the task - some slight sluggishness, but nothing terminal if you can't stand IE any more. But after three or four windows, the browser (and machine) goes into terminal thrashing and literally takes half an hour to come back ... Yep, that 'system requirements' should be taken seriously :-)

Now using K-Meleon. *sigh* This is my mother's machine - I should just go out and get more (72-pin, presumably) RAM for it ...