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Wednesday January 30th, 2002

This weeks status reports for various independent projects around the mozilla community.

#1 Googlebar

by AndyB

Friday February 1st, 2002 9:10 PM

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As one of two Andys on the googlebar project, I thought I'd point out that we're looking for help with our find search terms in page feature, which is currently quite limited. At the moment it can only highlight a single instance of a single term at a time, and as the latest from cvs (not reflected in the latest release, unfortunately) shows, there are some really strange bugs with how the buttons for each search term are removed fom the toolbar. That said, any and all suggestions on the highlight search terms in page feature (mozilla has a related bug- <> ) that could make it behave in a more google-like manner would be greatly appreciated. Suggestions welcome on our wishlist: <>