Mozilla Branches for 0.9.8

Wednesday January 23rd, 2002 today branched for Mozilla Milestone 0.9.8, as well as opened the tree for 0.9.9 checkins. Look for branch builds to start sometime later this week, as early as tomorrow. (While a certain site believes that without builds, you can't have a branch, that is not true.) Pre-0.9.9 trunk builds will start tomorrow, or possibly tonight. See our earlier story for what's new in 0.9.8.

#95 Re: Native Widgets

by Tanyel <>

Friday February 1st, 2002 9:27 AM

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I think Internet Explorer renders webpages the best overall. I think whatever browser is considered to be the most popular will be the one that renders pages the best. I think Opera renders pages the worst.

I think Opera renders webpages the fastest. I had to load webpages from a hard drive in order to prevent bandwidth problems from affecting my tests. I think Mozilla renders webpages the slowest but that may be due to differences in the way it handles unavailable Internet connections. The webpages are on the hard drive but the advertisements were unavailable because they have to be loaded from a server. Internet Explorer and Opera load the pages without interruption. Mozilla hangs until it times out and then finishes rendering the page. I think Opera would still be faster if this was not a problem.

I think Mozilla has the best features. It would be better if all of them worked. Ever since the tabs were added, I stopped using Opera more than Mozilla. Now Opera seems only good for curing boredom like a Rubik's Cube. If I acquire a Rubik's Cube then my use of Opera will probably decrease even more. Internet Explorer handles bookmarks the best. Mozilla handles them the worst. I use <> for searches so the search features of the browsers are irrelevant to me. My Java plugin works with Internet Explorer, Opera, and Netscape, but not Mozilla. When I type, it says, "Click here to get the plugin" even though the browser is set to enable Java and all of the files from the Netscape plugin folder are copied into the Mozilla plugin folder.

I use the Mozilla browser most but Internet Explorer is the only browser that works with every site I visit.