Mozilla Branches for 0.9.8

Wednesday January 23rd, 2002 today branched for Mozilla Milestone 0.9.8, as well as opened the tree for 0.9.9 checkins. Look for branch builds to start sometime later this week, as early as tomorrow. (While a certain site believes that without builds, you can't have a branch, that is not true.) Pre-0.9.9 trunk builds will start tomorrow, or possibly tonight. See our earlier story for what's new in 0.9.8.

#101 Re: DHTML too slow

by PaulB <>

Sunday February 3rd, 2002 6:42 PM

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\"Most of the links there totally freezes Mozilla...\" HUH! None of the links freeze Mozilla running on Mac OS X. Since I have no other browser other than NS 4.7x on my computer, how do these examples perform using other browsers...are these examples which tesat the limits of DHTML or would most modern browsers run these examples slowly? How well does Opera or IE handle them? Can we have some more feedback as to how speedily other browsers handle these examples? Thanks.