BBC News Reports on Future Mozilla Firefox Plans

Thursday April 12th, 2007

BBC News has an article about the changes planned for future versions of Mozilla Firefox. Featuring quotations from Mike Schroepfer, the report is light on technical details but introduces a couple of features planned for Firefox 3, including technology for offline Web applications and "using structured data on the web so that applications can use data intelligently", which appears to be a reference to the possibility of support for microformats.

The article also includes comments from Brendan Eich, who discusses some of the more major changes planned for Firefox 4, the first Firefox release to be built upon the Mozilla 2 platform.

#1 RE: Brendan Eich's Comments

by ThatNateGuy

Friday April 13th, 2007 10:40 PM

Throughout the comments on Mr. Eich's Roadmap Updates blog entry (, there were several comments regarding the native support of open standards like OpenDocument, SVG and the OGG formats. While I realise many of these comments were posted ages ago, I'd still like to respond to some of them here so that it may get more attention from Mozilla's community because I think it's a chance for many of the end users to comment.

I agree with arielb's comment on how Firefox and Mozilla's support of open formats will make more users aware of them and that will help prevent vendor lockout. I am especially supportive of native support for open document and graphics formats, but I have some concern about the audio and video support. Don't misunderstand, if Mozilla decides to support these formats, all the better; as a musician, I try to use OGG Vorbis as exclusively as possible to promote the open format. However, I wonder just how useful it will be to have OGG and Theora support in Firefox. With the majority of web surfers getting their musical and video content via major sources such as MySpace, Youtube and who have all but solved the format compatibility problem with the use of Flash technology, how important should it be for Firefox to be able to play these media files?

#2 Flash

by Haas_Tirye

Saturday April 21st, 2007 3:52 PM

Nate, You're absolutely right. Flash is not an open format, but Adobe did show some support for open-source with releasing Tamarin. Maybe they just wanted the media buzz.

In any case, there is now an open-source player than works with Flash video: swfdec (only FLV.7). But Flash Video is based on patented codecs, so probably Mozilla doesn't want to take the legal risk of supporting it unfortunately.

#3 Caching

by veerakumar

Tuesday May 22nd, 2007 7:35 PM

Yes I would like this feature of offline web browsing. Does it has plans for including squid like caching features.

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