Update on the State of XPFE

Tuesday November 17th, 1998

A new document up on gives a glimpse into the current thinking on XPFE(the cross platform front end) - ideas the group has, and ideas they're still fleshing out. Interested parties with helpful ideas can direct them to the XPFE newsgroup.

We here at mozillaZine like the fact that the group is opening up the design process to outside contributions, and hope this is the beginning of a trend.

#1 Re:Update on the State of XPFE

by David Rugge

Friday November 20th, 1998 10:42 PM

Now that the Qt libraries have gone Open Source, is there any chance that Netscape will also have a Qt version as well as a GTK version for Linux?

#2 Re:Update on the State of XPFE

by Glass Moon

Saturday November 21st, 1998 11:57 AM

Why bother? GTK+ is better in every way. I could understand if GTK+ had license terms you couldn't live with, but you can do everything with GTK+ that you can do with Qt AND more.

KDE is fine for Windows transplants, but not for those who want a configurable desktop, IMO. Regardless of the state of Qt's new "free" license, GNOME will eventually conquer because it's simply better.