Tree Closes For 0.9.8

Wednesday January 16th, 2002 has closed the tree to approved checkins only, starting as of 12am Wednesday, and will do so until 0.9.8 has branched. 0.9.8 will have a variety of new items including new natively drawn widgets on WindowsXP, Mac OS X, and GTK, when you are in the classic skin (We will have more on this later, including screenshots); the addressbook was rewritten, and now supports printing, a new "Get Map" button allowing you to query for a map based on a card address, and other stability fixes; Windows MAPI support; and a huge amount of performance and stability work.

Many believe this is one of the last milestones prior to 1.0, and that will actually have 1.0 following 0.9.9. 0.9.8 should branch sometime next week, with a release two Mondays from now. We'll keep you updated on both the branching and the release.

#65 Native Widgets

by SmileyBen

Friday January 18th, 2002 9:45 AM

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Something that has been totally ignored in this debate, which seems to me pretty much the most important thing is that, as I understand it, native widgets were simply /additional/ work. There are still Mozilla specific widgets in loads of places (it would look ridiculous if the 'Go' and 'Search' buttons in the Modern theme were native widgets), so this isn't dropping Mozilla widgets for natives ones at all - far from it, if they did that they'd set things back months.

And considering this fact, it seems to me that nobody need give any response to Strauss above 'There simply wasn't time to implement an entire other way of selecting widgets'. Strauss is welcome to argue that unity is so important that this should have been a priority (I, and no doubt many others, strongly doubt that), but that seems a rather strange complaint to lay at a pre-released product - we'd hardly moan that a closed source product didn't have our favourite feature a couple of months before the release, only at the time of the release...