Tree Closes For 0.9.8

Wednesday January 16th, 2002 has closed the tree to approved checkins only, starting as of 12am Wednesday, and will do so until 0.9.8 has branched. 0.9.8 will have a variety of new items including new natively drawn widgets on WindowsXP, Mac OS X, and GTK, when you are in the classic skin (We will have more on this later, including screenshots); the addressbook was rewritten, and now supports printing, a new "Get Map" button allowing you to query for a map based on a card address, and other stability fixes; Windows MAPI support; and a huge amount of performance and stability work.

Many believe this is one of the last milestones prior to 1.0, and that will actually have 1.0 following 0.9.9. 0.9.8 should branch sometime next week, with a release two Mondays from now. We'll keep you updated on both the branching and the release.

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by SubtleRebel <>

Tuesday January 22nd, 2002 11:29 PM

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Why do you continue to bitch about the inclusion of mail/news in Mozilla?

Myself and others have gone into depth previously in these forums showing you that, from day one, Mozilla was a project to develop a suite including browser, HTML editor, mail, and news.

It has also been pointed out on numerous occassions (as fuzzygorilla did in his post directly above yours in this thread <…le=2127&message=49#49> ) that work on mail/news bugs rarely, if ever, delay the development of the browser.

If you just want a browser with the mail/news client and other extras that many other people want, then that is fine.

If you want to speed up the development of the browser, then contribute constructively to the development.

If you want to continue to try to blame the mail/news client for single-handedly delaying the release of Mozilla 1.0, then go right and do so, but just not where we can read it. Your blame is misplaced; reiterating it here does not do anyone any good.

If you want to keep harping about the fact that the mail/news client is part of Mozilla, then please don't. It is a moot point. Mozilla has always and will always include a mail/news client. Your complaining about it is just a waste of your time, a waste of bandwidth, and a waste of time for anyone who has the misfortune of reading your post about it.