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Tuesday January 8th, 2002

A few of you have asked for us to post a news item taking your suggestions for the site, so here it is. Tell us all your ideas for what we can do to improve the site. Anything you want we'll think about, but try to keep it realistic.

Just to keep you updated, one of the things we're planning on working on is getting the ChromeZone up again, if we can find some volunteer editors to help organize themes. If you're interested, please email me and I'll get back to you sometime this week.

UPDATE! Right now we're working on dumping all the tables and other old HTML within the site to both show off Mozilla's skills, and to get our file sizes smaller. If you're using Communicator to view the site, you'll notice everything looking pretty ugly, thanks to the poor CSS support it offers. If you're using IE, it'll look a bit better, but thanks to IE's lacking CSS2 support, the sidebar will show up incorrectly. We've completely redone the homepage and talkback code, and we'll be working on the forums next.

UPDATE 2! We discovered Google's great "Search Site" feature, and have added it. Right now it has most areas of the site indexed except news item talkback pages. It will start indexing talkback today, and will hopefully add all of the old items, in addition to picking up the new ones.

UPDATE 3! We've been working hard to get as many of your suggestions as possible implemented, and we encourage you to continue the feedback. You can check this article's responses for what items we have fixed, or are working on.

#87 Operation Foot Bullet

by macpeep

Sunday January 13th, 2002 8:19 AM

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I thought the problem was that the old site used up too much bandwidth.. So redesign it to use less, by using CSS instead of FONT tags, for example. And what do I see? Stuff like <span class="bold"> instead of <b>. Why not use a tag like <em> and the override the style with CSS if that's what you want. If you even CALL your class "bold" then why not just use <b> instead? You could always override that too if you need to. Not to mention CSS class names like talkbackResponseAuthor or talkbackResponseReplies which are repeated over and over again on pages with many replies. Seems to me like you are completely screwing up the chance to save space! The idea to use CSS instead of old HTML trickery is very good, however.. But you guys are not doing as good a job at saving space as you could. talkbackResponseAuthor could very well just be tbResAuth. Same for all the other rule names.

But that's not the worst part! The worst part is that by using "advanced" layout techniques, you are completely breaking the site for most web browsers. Yes, this is a Mozilla advocacy site, but even as such, it doesn't mean that people can always access the site with Mozilla. I still use IE 6 as my primary browser, both at work and at home because it works the best on most sites, and it doesn't crash when I re-organize by bookmarks or do something else that is just as trivial. So even though lots of people are interested in Mozilla that read this site (obviously), it doesn't mean that they would all be USING Mozilla.

It's completely possible to make a site that gets the space savings and efficiency of CSS but without completely messing up the page layout on older browsers. I'm sorry to say, but you guys have done a *REALLY* piss-poor job in the conversion effort. And before someone starts yelling to me to shut up and play nice and all that, I can tell you right now that I know for a fact that I could make a nicely degradaing version of this site that would NOT use FONT tags etc. I'm confident that so could the adminds of this site. Why they chose not to is beyond me. Surely they must have seen how this looks in IE6 right now! It ain't pretty! You can't even read the comments without selecting the text (cause it's white on white). You'll be taking care of the bandwidth problem this way alright, cause you'll lose all IE / Netscape 4 / Konqueror / etc. users. Maybe that's what you want.. to have all the comments be pro-Mozilla? Well congratulations..