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Tuesday January 8th, 2002

A few of you have asked for us to post a news item taking your suggestions for the site, so here it is. Tell us all your ideas for what we can do to improve the site. Anything you want we'll think about, but try to keep it realistic.

Just to keep you updated, one of the things we're planning on working on is getting the ChromeZone up again, if we can find some volunteer editors to help organize themes. If you're interested, please email me and I'll get back to you sometime this week.

UPDATE! Right now we're working on dumping all the tables and other old HTML within the site to both show off Mozilla's skills, and to get our file sizes smaller. If you're using Communicator to view the site, you'll notice everything looking pretty ugly, thanks to the poor CSS support it offers. If you're using IE, it'll look a bit better, but thanks to IE's lacking CSS2 support, the sidebar will show up incorrectly. We've completely redone the homepage and talkback code, and we'll be working on the forums next.

UPDATE 2! We discovered Google's great "Search Site" feature, and have added it. Right now it has most areas of the site indexed except news item talkback pages. It will start indexing talkback today, and will hopefully add all of the old items, in addition to picking up the new ones.

UPDATE 3! We've been working hard to get as many of your suggestions as possible implemented, and we encourage you to continue the feedback. You can check this article's responses for what items we have fixed, or are working on.

#163 Re: No problems here...

by niner

Tuesday January 15th, 2002 12:10 PM

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> I'm curious, how has the bundling of IE affected your usage? Or anyone elses here for that matter? Despite the inclusion of IE in Windows, you seem rather content using an unfinished web browser with tens of thousands of outstanding bugs.

Yes you're right here, I continued using NS4 and then Mozilla since M13. That's simply for one reason: I don't trust IE. I don't want my system be open for every 10 year old who can use a virus construction kit.

But I know pretty many people who just used IE after reinstalling their OS.

And don't forget one thing: In pre IE times the world wide web was still something relatively new and not every kid out there used it, so you can say that users back then were more technically educated. Now even my sister who doesn't use how to plug three cables to her PC browses the web using the browser that is installed. And that is IE.

And just for the matter: you are using a browser with ten thousands of outstanding bugs too, you just cannot look at them or get lists. But that does not in any way mean that they ain't there.

Plus, a question. What is a finished product? Something that hits a version called "1.0"? When Mozilla gets there it just means that most APIs freeze, so third parties can rely on that. Development will continue just like before and for me it will probably become just another Milestone.