Site Suggestions

Tuesday January 8th, 2002

A few of you have asked for us to post a news item taking your suggestions for the site, so here it is. Tell us all your ideas for what we can do to improve the site. Anything you want we'll think about, but try to keep it realistic.

Just to keep you updated, one of the things we're planning on working on is getting the ChromeZone up again, if we can find some volunteer editors to help organize themes. If you're interested, please email me and I'll get back to you sometime this week.

UPDATE! Right now we're working on dumping all the tables and other old HTML within the site to both show off Mozilla's skills, and to get our file sizes smaller. If you're using Communicator to view the site, you'll notice everything looking pretty ugly, thanks to the poor CSS support it offers. If you're using IE, it'll look a bit better, but thanks to IE's lacking CSS2 support, the sidebar will show up incorrectly. We've completely redone the homepage and talkback code, and we'll be working on the forums next.

UPDATE 2! We discovered Google's great "Search Site" feature, and have added it. Right now it has most areas of the site indexed except news item talkback pages. It will start indexing talkback today, and will hopefully add all of the old items, in addition to picking up the new ones.

UPDATE 3! We've been working hard to get as many of your suggestions as possible implemented, and we encourage you to continue the feedback. You can check this article's responses for what items we have fixed, or are working on.

#132 Re: Re: Re: Re: I actually pointed this out before the

by todd2002

Monday January 14th, 2002 8:44 PM

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> You aren't one of those common users

Everybody that isn't now used to be at one time or another. So I beg to differ.

> I doubt you are a usability expert

What exactly is a usability expert? Is this some certificate offered at community colleges these days? In any event, a BA in Usability Expertise isn't required here, just a tad of common sense, some basic honesty, and good old fashioned real world experience.

Although, there is a great way for you, or anyone else, to get a real good idea about browser usage and preferences. Just ask people. It can't be any easier than that. Go to 50 heavily trafficked non-browser related forums and just ask: and therein lies the answer. No 'suspicious' web server stats required.

> In the absense of usability study data

On the contrary, there exists hordes of 'usability data'. Preach your sermon to me when Moz hits 50% usage..... or no..... 40%..... or wait..... 30%..... or better yet, 20%..... ah, what the hell..... when Moz hits 15%. Until then, try selling that Florida swamp land to someone else.

> and in the absense of public comments from the "most common of users"

I wholeheartedly agree with that. You won't see any comments from the "most common of users" until they actually start using the browser and have something to comment about.