Mozilla 0.9.7 Released

Friday December 28th, 2001

In case you missed the news elsewhere, released Mozilla 0.9.7 last week. Release notes and builds are available on

#27 nice

by Sparkster

Thursday January 10th, 2002 9:07 PM

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I just downloaded this release and I really like it. Some minor things I don't like though, maybe someone can help me.

- I don't like splash screens. Is there a way to disable it in win32? - The tabs only show icons. This might be usefull for sites that have favicons, but many don't. There does not even seem to be an option to enable or disable tab names? Not sure if I like that or not or if it's a bug. - When enabling the option to open the site in a new tab when pressing CTRL+ENTER in the URL field, it seems to open it in a new tab even if I just press ENTER. - Nice to see that I can avoid popups, but it would be cool to have an "ask me" feature like Konqueror has cause sometimes a popup is needed.

CSS support is outstanding, unlike the IE6, which is a PITA for me right now.