Mozilla 0.9.7 Released

Friday December 28th, 2001

In case you missed the news elsewhere, released Mozilla 0.9.7 last week. Release notes and builds are available on

#19 Can't open multiple windows on 0.9.7

by MrSnerg <>

Wednesday January 2nd, 2002 4:54 PM

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Anyone else having this problem? Using the 0.9.7 talkback build under windows NT I can't open new windows, only new tabs. CTRL-N never works, nor does File->New Navigator Window, nor does it work when java tries to open a new window, and launching a separate instance of mozilla or trying to use the profile manager while mozilla is already open also does not work. I tried creating a new profile from scratch (after reading through suggestions on bugzilla) and that didn't help. Oh yeah... I'm using NT 4.0 sp 6, 256MB RAM on a PII-266. Suggestions?