Hosting Update

Thursday December 20th, 2001

We're getting close. After taking a really good look at our logs, we've discovered that we're pushing a lot more down the pipe than any of us realized. The site is at the point where our small ISP can no longer handle the load. We want to thank our current ISP, LocalWeb, for being so gracious in letting us bog down their servers for as long as we have.

The donations so far have been nothing short of amazing. We are deeply in our readers debts, and work working to repay that debt with a site that works. We are getting close to having enough money to allow us to find a good host that can accommodate our growth over the next year. As far as picking that host, we have a couple pretty serious offers, and others who are still thinking about it. Here again, the generosity of folks is amazing, you wouldn't believe how many people have a friend or a relative that works at an ISP.

I'm hoping that we can get the site moved by early January, and get back to regular life around here as soon as possible. We thank you again for all your support, and we'll keep you posted as to what's going on.


#17 Please put Asa's comments on the front page

by briansmith <>

Saturday December 22nd, 2001 2:19 AM

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If you put Asa's latest build comment on the first page, I would usually only have to view one page one per day instead of two. I come here every single day to get Asa's build comments so that I know what builds are okay to download and what is new with each build.

Also, you might consider moving more of the formatting of the pages to the CSS page so that there is less to download each time I download a page (e.g. big FONT tags, nested tables, etc. can all be reduced with CSS). Even though they are GZIP-compressed before sending, doing this could reduce the page sizes even further.