Screenshots Updated

Tuesday November 17th, 1998

Well, first things first, I would like to say hi, and welcome to the new site. Chris and I are combining forces to bring you the best news possible for Mozilla.

On that note, I will direct your attention to the new Screenshots Page, which has just been updated to include new shots of the GTK Seamonkey. The new ones show the newly enabled transparency support. GTK Seamonkey is moving in leaps and bounds, and is getting closer and closer to the Win32 version, which is currently the farthest ahead.

(BTW: Seamonkey is now the name of NGLayout + XPFE + other stuff)

#1 Alpha?

by Wesley Felter

Tuesday November 17th, 1998 2:21 PM

I don't see any cool alpha blending effects in that screen shot. Am I missing something or are they not there?

#2 Re:Screenshots Updated

by Chris Nelson

Tuesday November 17th, 1998 2:42 PM

No alpha-blending yet, just GIF transparency.

#3 Re:Screenshots Updated

by Anonymous Coward

Tuesday November 17th, 1998 3:48 PM

I want a binary of this beast! Any idea where I could find this?

#4 Re:Screenshots Updated

by Chris Soghoian

Tuesday November 17th, 1998 4:27 PM

Are all of the linux screenshots using GTK? Or are they still using Motif?

#5 Re:Screenshots Updated

by David Hallowell

Tuesday November 17th, 1998 4:46 PM

Two questions: First I thought that Mozilla wasn't meant to have the Netscape 'N' logo on it as it is reserved for officially branded Netscape Communicator/Navigator products and Mozilla has it's own throbber.

Second I thought Mozilla was getting rid of its toolbar full of buttons for a more simpler approach. In other words a default of only back forward reload and stop. With the option to customise it to the preferences.

My currently compiled version of Mozilla (lesstif + old layout engine) has both the Mozilla throbber and the customisable toolbars. But I am excited in the progress GTK is making and I personally think the move to a free toolkit was a good thing. It's good to see we're catching up with the Windows version.

#6 Re:Screenshots Updated

by HoserHead

Tuesday November 17th, 1998 8:29 PM

These screenshots are of the GTK+ version of the XPFE. Currently, the XPFE doesn't support the 'Customisable Chrome' that Mozilla did, but that is being worked on (in a different manner: DOM rather than RDF). In any case, if you're a coder, help out; if you're a user, test and submit bug reports.

#7 Re:Screenshots Updated

by arielb

Tuesday November 17th, 1998 10:38 PM

a complete rewrite of the config chrome? I guess I'll have to put my Mozilla skins page in the locker until I get more info on the new setup

#8 Re:Screenshots Updated

by steve morrison

Wednesday November 18th, 1998 10:45 AM

I was going to start distributing newlayout+gtk binaries, but the functionality isn't really there yet. The url location bar is not hooked up yet, and clicking on most links does not work. But the progress in the last few days was so much, that these issues'll be fixed soon, I imagine.