Mozilla Branched for 0.9.7

Tuesday December 18th, 2001

Asa Dotzler writes: "Friday morning cut the branch for the next Mozilla milestone, 0.9.7. Work is now divided between the short-lived milestone branch and the development tip. Mozilla 0.9.7's ideal release date is this Friday." We'll let you know when the builds are available.

#28 Re: Mac Classic Branch Nightlies?

by asa <>

Wednesday December 19th, 2001 6:25 PM

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TommyBee, thanks so much for the offer of help in using/testing the branch Mac builds before we have a release. There are Mac classic builds available at <…lla/nightly/latest-0.9.7/> but only in the "stub" installer form. I'm not sure what the delay on the full installer is but the stub should work equally well (and is even preferred by some). If you find something that really should be a 0.9.7 showstopper and it's not already listed at <119/>" rel="nofollow"><news://…<>> (or the latest post to that thread) then please email me and let me know. Thanks again for your help in testing.