Forums Down

Friday December 14th, 2001

As you may have noticed, we've taken the forums down, as we are hitting our bandwidth limit with them. We're working on getting them up and running again as soon as possible.

In related news, we've added a link to our Cafe Press store where you can get cool MozillaZine appearal, which will help us keep ads off the site for good. Thanks for all your support.

UPDATE: Many people have requested some way of donating money to help us out, so we have setup a paypal account for you to do so. Simply go to and use the email address to contribute. We thank you greatly for all the help, and thank the people who bought stuff at CafePress for the support as well.


#55 Substance

by SubtleRebel <>

Thursday December 20th, 2001 8:26 AM

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>You're very content trying to take every issue back to personalities and claims of authority, but I don't see you ever responding to the substance of the issues I raise.

What substance?

The alledged issues raised in your posts are all only problems in your head: the need for root cause analysis, missed deadlines, defect curve, instable nightly builds, lack of commercial product release, general failure of the Mozilla project, etc.

Various people have tried to explain to you on many occassions that these are not real issues. Yet you still insist that they are. Now we find out that you are basing your opinions of the state of Mozilla on what you have read in forums rather than first hand experience; so of course we then take issue with your authority to judge the state of the project. When you continually try to make yourself sound like some kind of expert while expounding unjustified criticisms, fictional problems, and irrelevant buzz words, then it is only natural that people will call into question your qualifications and integrity.