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Friday December 14th, 2001

As you may have noticed, we've taken the forums down, as we are hitting our bandwidth limit with them. We're working on getting them up and running again as soon as possible.

In related news, we've added a link to our Cafe Press store where you can get cool MozillaZine appearal, which will help us keep ads off the site for good. Thanks for all your support.

UPDATE: Many people have requested some way of donating money to help us out, so we have setup a paypal account for you to do so. Simply go to and use the email address to contribute. We thank you greatly for all the help, and thank the people who bought stuff at CafePress for the support as well.


#41 Opinions

by SubtleRebel <>

Tuesday December 18th, 2001 8:35 AM

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>Nope, I'm basing my conclusions very closely on tyhe reports of people who do run the nightly builds. They report that the nightlies have been extremely unstable all month, and almost every day, they have reported major features dropping in and out. I'm very familiar from my software development career with what that means about the overall stability of a project.

So, as I said, your criticism is not based on first hand experience. Instead you are jumping to conclusions based on comments posted by people discussing problems. At the same time, you choose to dismiss positive comments about the builds. How can this possibly be an accurate view of the project?

I am curious whether or not you think that the people reporting the problems with the builds agree with your conclusions about the stability and progress of the Mozilla project.

A parallel : I went to the movie theater last Saturday. I could write a few pages about all of the things that were wrong with the movie that I saw. Regardless of their previous movie going experience, someone who had never seen the movie might read those pages and conclude that the movie sucked, but that person would be wrong. I saw the movie and despite its flaws, it was one of the best movies in its genre to come out in a while.