New TalkBack Feature Now in Beta!

Saturday September 5th, 1998

MozillaZine now has a "talkback" feature for you to respond to individual news items. Just click the "talkback" button under the title. Hope you like it!

#6 BTW - a quick note on the site and Slashdot.

by MozillaZine Admin. <>

Sunday September 6th, 1998 11:04 AM

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I understand that there are a lot of people out there familiar with I visit it many times each day myself. Although mozillaZine was developed using as a reference, it wasn't the only reference. I also found useful functionality and layout ideas in sites such as,,, and I'm not out to duplicate slashdot. If you have any comments about what you'd like to see happen to this site, and those comments happen to involve the duplication of some function of slashdot's site, try to think of a way that the functionality can be improved upon or made unique.

My goal with mozillaZine is not to be a baby Slashdot. My goal is and has been to develop a fast, robust, attractive and well written means of presenting news of interest to the Mozilla community. Please consider these goals when considering new functionality for the site. I'd like to see mozillaZine grow into a site that *other* people want to duplicate - not a site that only duplicates what others have done.

I hope no one takes offense to these comments. They aren't meant as a criticism directed at any one person. I decided to speak up now so that we could start directing the conversation about site improvements towards creating a unique and enjoyable mozillaZine. Also, the site would cease to become a pleasure for me if it ended up becoming no more than a Slashdot clone.

So, realize that some things will just stay the same because that's the way I want 'em to stay! :) I will continue to make improvements based on your suggestions, if they will improve its usability (I have made a number of changes just by the posts to this news piece!).

OK, I've ranted long enough. Thanks for your ear.