Forums Arrive!

Saturday December 1st, 2001

We've been working hard to get the Talkback Forums up and running, and we've gotten them to a point where we want to show them to you. We're still working on a variety of issues like a flat mode and user authentication, so expect to see those hopefully soon. If you can think of another forum that you'd like to see created, let us know. Also, feel free to comment on what else you'd like to see in the forums, and on the site.

#20 Add /html/head/link elements to the fourms

by kipp

Tuesday December 4th, 2001 2:27 PM

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How about adding the /html/head/link elements to the forums so that you can navigate using the buttons generated by the "Site Navigation Bar".

PS: has anyone thought of mapping some keystrokes to the various buttons in the "Site Navigation Bar" so that you can hit something like "Ctrl-Left Arrow" for "Back", "Ctrl-Right arrow" for "Next", etc...