Mozilla 0.9.6 Released

Tuesday November 20th, 2001 today made available for download binaries of the Mozilla 0.9.6 Milestone. The builds are available on the releases page, or you can get them directly from the ftp site.

New to this milestone are fixes for about 1,600 bugs including support for site icons in both the url bar and tabs (expect IE's favicons to show up in 0.9.7), displaying both Windows Bitmap (.bmp) and Windows Icon (.ico) files inline on all platforms, a new print preview implementation, Page Setup improvements on the Macintosh, Mail message 'labels' (Correction: This feature is not fully complete, only parts of the backed have landed.), and a new select and search context menu item, among others. If you are interested in more information on any of these new features, be sure to check out the release notes.

Also, last week released the source code on which Netscape 6.2 was based.

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by strauss

Wednesday November 21st, 2001 7:41 PM

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> acutally, most people give very level headed, in depth explanations of how broken his math is. You just choose to ignore those posts.

I haven't seen such a post. I do my own Bugzilla searches and they give the same results that his articles and bug bar do. What I see here is a lot of ranting and raving about what an idiot he is, and how the bug curve's continual upward climb doesn't really matter, and why it doesn't matter that hundreds of bugs targeted for each release are postponed until the next release. Those are the posts I choose to ignore. I never see a reasonable, clear-headed treatment of his articles, which vary greatly in quality. They often suck -- I just posted my own parody of his copy-n-paste style a few days ago -- but some of his articles are very reasonable and detailed. They provide a welcome counterpoint to the rah-rah boosterism of MozillaZine. Ideally we'd have something in the middle, but that has yet to emerge.