Mozilla 0.9.6 Released

Tuesday November 20th, 2001 today made available for download binaries of the Mozilla 0.9.6 Milestone. The builds are available on the releases page, or you can get them directly from the ftp site.

New to this milestone are fixes for about 1,600 bugs including support for site icons in both the url bar and tabs (expect IE's favicons to show up in 0.9.7), displaying both Windows Bitmap (.bmp) and Windows Icon (.ico) files inline on all platforms, a new print preview implementation, Page Setup improvements on the Macintosh, Mail message 'labels' (Correction: This feature is not fully complete, only parts of the backed have landed.), and a new select and search context menu item, among others. If you are interested in more information on any of these new features, be sure to check out the release notes.

Also, last week released the source code on which Netscape 6.2 was based.

#214 Using Mozilla (NGLayout) in Homesite 5

by JayeshSh <>

Sunday November 25th, 2001 2:04 PM

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Hello all,

I recently upgraded to Homesite 5, and discovered this much unpublicized feature: Homesite's (supposed) capability to use NGLayout/Gecko/The Mozilla rendering engine in preview mode.

The help section was a little unhelpful. Here's a quote: -- * -- If you have Netscape version 6 or later on your system and you correctly install and configure the Mozilla browser NGLayout/gecko control, you can use Netscape as the internal browser. Please note the Mozilla control is under development and is limited in its functionality and stability. For setup instructions, see "To install and configure Mozilla:".


To install and configure Mozilla: Download a Mozilla build from <>. For best results, download the Mozilla 0.8.1 build created on 8/28/2001, from <…1/>.

Unzip the Mozilla binary files into a new directory on your system. Open a Command prompt and change to the Mozilla bin directory. For example, if the bin directory is in D:\mozilla, enter d: and then enter cd mozilla\bin. Enter regsvr32 mozctlx.dll. If this does not work, the directory containing regsvr32.exe is not in your PATH variable. Use the Windows Find Files utility to locate the program and then run it using the full path; for example c:\winnt\system32\regsvr32.exe mozctl.dll.

For more information, see Macromedia Knowledge Base article 9927. <…m?ID=9927&Method=Full>

-- * --

Okay - here are my questions about this information: 1)If references a much older build. 2) It mentions using "regsvr32.exe mozctl.dll" and "regsvr32.exe mozctlx.dll". Note the 'x' after 'mozctl' in the second instance. So my questions are: what is the difference between the two? Which one should I use? What do these dlls do? How are they different?

Also - the Macromedia Knowledge Base article is equally unhelpful, by providing different information: It mentions editing the registry to put an entry to the bin directory, which I think does not exist any more (on newer builds.) This article can be found here: <…m?ID=9927&Method=Full>

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


- Jayesh