AOLTW Announces Sony Pact

Tuesday November 13th, 2001

Normally we wouldn't mention this, except there was a key quote that we thought should be highlighted in the press release:

* The joint development of an Internet browser designed for optimal performance, a consistent experience, and greater convenience on networked consumer electronic devices. Both companies envision not only employing the browser in future Sony products but also making it available to other consumer electronics manufacturers.
Could we soon see Mozilla on Sony devices like the Playstation or other pc based devices?

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by macpeep

Monday November 19th, 2001 3:04 PM

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Hmmmm.. I just heard slightly similar but not quite.. that it takes up all the flash ROM and the media player is installed in ram and eats up from the 32 megs. Not that it fills the 32 megs and the media player has to go on a separate flash. If that's true, screw it! That sucks! And.. I just bought the Jeode JVM too.. :D About three weeks ago so.. We're in the same boat it seems. Made all the same mistakes too. :)