AOLTW Announces Sony Pact

Tuesday November 13th, 2001

Normally we wouldn't mention this, except there was a key quote that we thought should be highlighted in the press release:

* The joint development of an Internet browser designed for optimal performance, a consistent experience, and greater convenience on networked consumer electronic devices. Both companies envision not only employing the browser in future Sony products but also making it available to other consumer electronics manufacturers.
Could we soon see Mozilla on Sony devices like the Playstation or other pc based devices?

#65 Re: Maybe....

by macpeep

Sunday November 18th, 2001 11:44 AM

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Speculation and paranoia I think.. But 95% of all noteworthy plugins already existed as ActiveX for IE. There was next to zero added value of supporting the old Netscape style plugins too. The only well known and widely used Netscape style plugin still used with IE (that didn't already have an ActiveX version) was Quick Time. Obviously, Apple was already working on it because it didn't take much longer than a week until the ActiveX version of the QT plugin arrived.

My guess is that they simply didn't want to keep that code in the codebase anymore since all it contributed to was more complexity and size without giving any benefit what so ever. Like I said, all plugins that mattered were already available as ActiveX plugins so nobody reallyused Netscape plugins with IE anyway.