AOLTW Announces Sony Pact

Tuesday November 13th, 2001

Normally we wouldn't mention this, except there was a key quote that we thought should be highlighted in the press release:

* The joint development of an Internet browser designed for optimal performance, a consistent experience, and greater convenience on networked consumer electronic devices. Both companies envision not only employing the browser in future Sony products but also making it available to other consumer electronics manufacturers.
Could we soon see Mozilla on Sony devices like the Playstation or other pc based devices?

#45 Re: Re: Hold the phone, folks

by skeeter

Saturday November 17th, 2001 1:07 AM

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I, for myself have no use for AOL or interest, hope that your right in the Sony connection and the chat thing. As to Compuserve, well it make sense as you say. Anyway here is the latest from cnet about AOL 7 Beta

"Netscape Navigator, the browser AOL paid big bucks for back in 98, is the biggest hole. Although AOL made noise earlier this year about its Komodo <> project, which would let AOLers substitute Netscape for Microsoft's Internet Explorer, version 7.0 still relies on IE to show Web pages." Let's hope that someday, they too see Mozilla as the better browser and act on it.