Tree Closes for Mozilla 0.9.6

Wednesday November 7th, 2001 today closed the tree in preparation for the branching of the 0.9.6 Milestone later this week. As usual, will work towards a Friday branch and a release on the following Friday. Check-ins to the tree will be moderated by the Drivers until the branch happens.

UPDATE!: branched for 0.9.6 on Friday, and the trunk has reopened for 0.9.7. Expect to start seeing branch builds sometime this weekend, or on monday.

#95 Re: Off-topic: MozillaZine in secure mode :-)

by dave532

Saturday November 10th, 2001 4:30 AM

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It's to do with the fact that a non SSL web server can host multiple domains on the one IP so the people who host MozillaZine will also host a multitude of other sites on the same IP address (the HTTP Host: header is used for this).

However there's no such thing as this for SSL and each secure site needs its own IP address. So it just happens that the IP address used for is also used for the secure site for a shoe vendor. If MozillaZine decided they needed SSL for some reason they'd need a new IP address.