Tree Closes for Mozilla 0.9.6

Wednesday November 7th, 2001 today closed the tree in preparation for the branching of the 0.9.6 Milestone later this week. As usual, will work towards a Friday branch and a release on the following Friday. Check-ins to the tree will be moderated by the Drivers until the branch happens.

UPDATE!: branched for 0.9.6 on Friday, and the trunk has reopened for 0.9.7. Expect to start seeing branch builds sometime this weekend, or on monday.

#58 Tabbrowser vs. Tab Navigation

by gwalla <>

Wednesday November 7th, 2001 11:44 PM

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I believe he meant navigating the page with the tab key.

I've seen people get confused on this issue here and in the n.p.m.* newsgroups. I think we should stick to easily differentiated terms for both features to avoid this problem. I propose "multi-tab interface" for the <tabbrowser> feature, and "tab-key navigation" for the keyboard accessibility issue.