Tree Closes for Mozilla 0.9.6

Wednesday November 7th, 2001 today closed the tree in preparation for the branching of the 0.9.6 Milestone later this week. As usual, will work towards a Friday branch and a release on the following Friday. Check-ins to the tree will be moderated by the Drivers until the branch happens.

UPDATE!: branched for 0.9.6 on Friday, and the trunk has reopened for 0.9.7. Expect to start seeing branch builds sometime this weekend, or on monday.

#121 "Full screen" mode

by pauljs <>

Monday November 12th, 2001 6:58 PM

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There's a weird first attempt at a full screen mode in Mozilla at the moment, basically all it does is remove most of the chrome just leaving back, forward reload and stop (why they got rid of the URL bar when it'd take up no space is beyond me).

As a full screen mode, so far it's terrible, however I do like the way you can now hide most of the chrome quickly. Still, it's nowhere near as useful as a proper full screen mode and this hack should be called something other than full screen.