Tree Closes for Mozilla 0.9.6

Wednesday November 7th, 2001 today closed the tree in preparation for the branching of the 0.9.6 Milestone later this week. As usual, will work towards a Friday branch and a release on the following Friday. Check-ins to the tree will be moderated by the Drivers until the branch happens.

UPDATE!: branched for 0.9.6 on Friday, and the trunk has reopened for 0.9.7. Expect to start seeing branch builds sometime this weekend, or on monday.

#104 Why not simply suggest

by pkb351 <>

Sunday November 11th, 2001 7:10 PM

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It is good to let people know about Mozilla. I feel the more important taks is to let visitors to a site know how important it is to follow standards. A simple phrase such as "To best view this site please use a standards complient browser such as (provide a few examples of standard complient browsers." If the importance of standards for the internet is not avocated in some manner, and a banner is a good way without being to preachy, then we may in the near future begin to require IE in order to be allowed to view many sites. There are many choices for a standard complient browser. If we only plug Mozilla (or Netscape 6.x) and the visitor does not like our choice, all we may do is annoy the visitor. If we politely suggest that the visitor will view the site best with a standards complient browser and let them choose which browser best meets this need for them, we have kept the visitor happy while at the smae time made a subtile plug that the internet works best when it follows common W3C standards.