Full Article Attached Mail/News Performance Effort Underway

Friday November 2nd, 2001

Seth Spitzer today sent an update out about what the Mail/News team is doing to meet their goals for Mozilla 1.0. They'll be focusing almost 100% of their effort for at least the next two milestones (0.9.7, 0.9.8) on Footprint and Performance of the various parts of Mail, News, and Addressbook. Not only will they be focusing on it, they'll also be locking down their part of the tree and only accepting performance or footprint fixes. Very few exceptions will be made. Click the Full Article link to see Seth's full post.

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by gwalla <>

Wednesday November 7th, 2001 11:06 PM

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"also, usage of mozmail indicates that you do not work at a big company, do not use aol, do not use hotmail, ms exchange or lotus notes and thus, no offense, you do not matter."

Okay, this makes about as much sense as saying "eating marmalade on toast indicates you do not eat English muffins, do not use jam, do not use jelly, preserves, or peanut butter and thus, you do not matter" in a debate about whether marmalade is good or not. In a debate about whether Mozilla mailnews should exist (why are we even having this discussion? It's not going to magically get completely deleted from existence), it's ridiculous to on the one hand argue that nobody uses it and then when somebody says they do to say that they don't count precisely because they use it. I guess you can claim that "everybody uses something other than Mozilla Mailnews" as long as you define "everybody" as "everybody who doesn't use Mozilla Mailnews", but if that's your only argument then you're in trouble.

Furthermore, "usage of mozmail indicates that you do not work at a big company" is demonstrably false. I used Mozilla Mailnews back when I worked for the Hearst Corporation and nobody complained. Not every big company is as draconian in their computer use policies as yours apparently is.

Your criteria for what doesn't count as a person manages to completely ignore anybody who might actually get their email through their non-AOL ISP (what a concept!), including just about every college student whose college provides net access.

As one final point, what is it with people saying something deliberately insulting and then tacking on "no offense" as if suddenly that makes it not an insult? I see it happening more and more, and it drives me up a wall. Is it meant to add a litle extra stab by making the recipient of the insult feel bad for being offended?