Full Article Attached Mail/News Performance Effort Underway

Friday November 2nd, 2001

Seth Spitzer today sent an update out about what the Mail/News team is doing to meet their goals for Mozilla 1.0. They'll be focusing almost 100% of their effort for at least the next two milestones (0.9.7, 0.9.8) on Footprint and Performance of the various parts of Mail, News, and Addressbook. Not only will they be focusing on it, they'll also be locking down their part of the tree and only accepting performance or footprint fixes. Very few exceptions will be made. Click the Full Article link to see Seth's full post.

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by macpeep

Wednesday November 7th, 2001 2:12 PM

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"Actually, I don't think Nokia does use Mozilla. Look at this link (LINK) which says AOL is licensing a Nokia browser. Gecko is way too big for most handhelds."

It's used by Nokia, but not for handhelds. It's on a prototype "media terminal" which may or may not be actually ever sold. The device is still far from a hypothetical release so if something was to happen to Mozilla (Netscape dropping their support), the likely move would be to switch to Opera rather than throwing 150 more people on the project. It's just a browser for them, not a core technology.

The browser licensed to AOL was a WAP microbrowser.