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Friday November 2nd, 2001

Seth Spitzer today sent an update out about what the Mail/News team is doing to meet their goals for Mozilla 1.0. They'll be focusing almost 100% of their effort for at least the next two milestones (0.9.7, 0.9.8) on Footprint and Performance of the various parts of Mail, News, and Addressbook. Not only will they be focusing on it, they'll also be locking down their part of the tree and only accepting performance or footprint fixes. Very few exceptions will be made. Click the Full Article link to see Seth's full post.

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by macpeep

Wednesday November 7th, 2001 9:05 AM

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"That's such a moronic argument."

Look, you're at it again..

Strauss just gave good reasons in several posts in the comment threads in this article and you just flat out ignore them as if you hadn't even read them. Or maybe you didn't comprehend them.

Mozilla can't be equated with cheese or a person. It's an organization, which at least in Europe is usually is a legal entity with rights and obligations, very much like a company. In order for Mozilla to do things like sign contracts or obligate others to follow contracts by the Mozilla organization, it has to be a legal entity. Unlike cheese.

Instead of calling people or their arguments morons, you might want to actually look past your own extremely narrow viewpoint and examine the arguments other people are making. There's a reason why there are two opposing views here and it's most likely not because people are stupid or out to annoy you. Have an open mind.