Microsoft and Federal Government Reach Tentative Settlement

Wednesday October 31st, 2001

MSNBC is reporting that Microsoft has reached a tentative settlement with the Federal Government. The deal calls for a 5 year consent decree that forces Microsoft to release Windows without a variety of currently bundled programs like Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, and Windows Media Player.

As you may know, the US Government has had consent decrees before, and Microsoft has completely ignored them, we feel. As in the past, we expect the version of Windows without the bundled packages to be almost identical in price to the current version of Windows. The last major question remaining is whether the State Attorneys General agree with the deal. We hope they do not, and push for much harsher punishment.

#61 Some parts of MSN\'s site are still blocked

by darnell

Monday November 5th, 2001 12:32 PM

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See the MSN Music section at <> . You still can\'t view it with a non-IE browser. This needs to get some press coverage. The Mozilla folks could mention this. Since Mozilla can be configured to run with any player\'s content. I have mine (currently using Netscape 6.2) configured to play all Windows Media formatted content in the MS Media Player. It is very easy to do. So why is Microsoft locking non-IE users out of their MSN Music site? Can\'t browse and can\'t listen.