K-Meleon 0.6 Released

Wednesday October 31st, 2001

Andrew Mutch writes in: "K-Meleon 0.6 has been released. This release includes a number of new features including completely customizable toolbars and multi-language support for the browser menus. A number of features have been improved including more privacy options and better preferences support. Check out the Release Notes for full details."

#32 Re: Re: Re: IE Statistic (if you can call it that)

by strauss

Sunday November 4th, 2001 2:55 PM

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Here are a couple of other public browser statistics links. They don't seem to tell quite as happy a story, although do note that Windows Mozilla 5.0 comes in over 1%. Overall, they put IE at 86.1% and NN at 7.35%. IE6 for Windows is at nearly 5%, which suggests that's what's making for the "Netscape comp." growth at Also note they admit their sample is skewed.