K-Meleon 0.6 Released

Wednesday October 31st, 2001

Andrew Mutch writes in: "K-Meleon 0.6 has been released. This release includes a number of new features including completely customizable toolbars and multi-language support for the browser menus. A number of features have been improved including more privacy options and better preferences support. Check out the Release Notes for full details."

#26 a question

by niner

Friday November 2nd, 2001 7:18 PM

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> And all I ask for is a stable, high performance, standards-compliant, lite

correct. All _YOU_ ask for is this. And as you pointet out initially K-Melon (which uses a Mozilla component) seems to satisfy your needs so why do you bitch around here that Mozilla doesn't??

> All because you can't download Outlook.

So and now you explain to me why I should be able to download Mozilla while not being able to download Outlook? Or is it that I simply don't _want_ to download Outlook? I'm on the Internet day and night (and it's 3:07 AM here now) surfing around and using email and that without getting a single virus/worm while literally hundreds stroke all people I know using IE and Outlook. Does the word security tell you something? I hope so you may understand why I don't want to use the largest security hole out there.

Comment like yours where there all times I can remember but they were never the opinion of the majority. You are extremely pissed? Okay and I'm extremely glad that the Mozilla community gave me these great tools. Maybe the browser could be in a better shape if the other components were dropped but I prefer to have them all and I'm able to wait a year longer for them to be really cool. Time goes by fast.

And what makes you think, that Mozilla is the only responsible for competing with IE? You know the Opera browser? It is a small, fast and stable browser and even available for free and now but still you say "IE has 98% marketshare and growing" (never trust a statistic you didn't fake yourself). Did you notice that around me more and more people changed their default browser to Mozilla and some to Opera? Even my girlfriend did. How can this be if there is no good alternative? And no I didn't do everything to convince them, I didn't have to.