Netscape Releases Netscape 6.2

Tuesday October 30th, 2001

Netscape today released version 6.2 of it's browser based on Mozilla. Downloads for a variety of platforms and languages are available (we've linked to the english builds, there are other languages of Netscape 6 available, and we expect that, as in the past, more tranlations of 6.2 will show up later), and you can also check out the release notes. This release comes off the Mozilla 0.9.4 branch, and is the third major release from Netscape using Mozilla.

#81 UGH!

by johann_p

Wednesday October 31st, 2001 9:03 AM

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I really dont get this: who wants a browser where the back button doesnt work consistently? (it drives me nuts, but I put up with it because I still believe in the mozilla project) I think it is bad to have NS6.2 out with the backbuttonbug, but to even think of releasing 1.0 without having this fixed is strange. I think this bug symbolizes quite nicely the priority problems in the mozilla project that have already been discussed before.