Netscape Releases Netscape 6.2

Tuesday October 30th, 2001

Netscape today released version 6.2 of it's browser based on Mozilla. Downloads for a variety of platforms and languages are available (we've linked to the english builds, there are other languages of Netscape 6 available, and we expect that, as in the past, more tranlations of 6.2 will show up later), and you can also check out the release notes. This release comes off the Mozilla 0.9.4 branch, and is the third major release from Netscape using Mozilla.

#64 Re: Browser death match

by dave532

Wednesday October 31st, 2001 5:23 AM

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Lets see (my comments on the CNET article): 1. Installation With Netscape 6.1 and above you don't have to reboot after installing but with IE you do. Then when the system comes back up it does some post installation thing that takes up time. I've not found an easy way to make IE4, 5, 5.5 and 6 co-exist on the same computer but no problem making netscape versions co-exist (useful for web developers) Also those infamous AOL desktop icons died with version 6.1 onwards. Winner: Netscape 6.1 (by miles)

2. Interface Well I prefer Mozilla's in general but like the customisation of IE but think it has the most ugly icons in existence. Dunno what Rex is on about Netscape inserting an AOL bookmark in IE's favourites, that's just total rubbish. Winner: draw - Netscape/Moz looks nicer and I prefer its default layout, but IE has better customisation.

3. Speed I'd let IE have this one, although Mozilla/Netscape 6.x are getting faster all then time. I think in terms of startup IE wins except with quicklaunch (but uses up too much mem), rendering speed is about the same.

4. Security Due to IE's track record I'd go for Mozilla on this one and when full P3P support is in then there's no contest.

5. Standards support Well have to agree for this one too, because Netscape and Mozilla have the most standards compliance.