Netscape Releases Netscape 6.2

Tuesday October 30th, 2001

Netscape today released version 6.2 of it's browser based on Mozilla. Downloads for a variety of platforms and languages are available (we've linked to the english builds, there are other languages of Netscape 6 available, and we expect that, as in the past, more tranlations of 6.2 will show up later), and you can also check out the release notes. This release comes off the Mozilla 0.9.4 branch, and is the third major release from Netscape using Mozilla.

#59 Re: scrollbars and trees

by dman84

Wednesday October 31st, 2001 3:54 AM

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I'd use it just for the NS6.2 upgrade in performance and the Mail/news bug fixes over 6.1 for WebMail.. Its really stable in W2K also.. Mozilla 0.9.5+ is really getting some stuff being rewritten, and to add to some rendering issues... Mozilla is closer to W3C compliance and IE 6 is furthur away.. so sites that render and look ok in IE6.. are actually not to standards which may at first glance appear broken in Mozilla but actually the opposite is true. How about that for a Halloween Treat from Netscape!!!!! We like it! Mozilla keep rocking.. As an end-user I now notice more things in Mozilla that are broken having used Ns 6.2 like dialogs are asking on send-mail for which way you want to send the message..

I've seen the textbox problem with 0.9.4 before and its because of the length of the message you are writing that the size is calculated after every keypress and hense the reason the scollbar appears and disappears.. which working in Mozilla now.. but there is Good skin-polishing here that Mozilla sometimes lacks.. it doesn't probably get updated as often. And a lot of the crashes in Mozilla are from alot of rewriting on core stuff and API feezes before M1.0 is done.

Ns6.2 is really a good performance release, stable and good rendering to boot! Although bookmarks are not anywhere near as slow as 6.1.. I've got a 250K file full, having more folders than bookmarks displayed helps, working with your bookmarks that have not any folders can be slow. This will at least be stable enough for most.. I cant stand that I have to have IE around.. I dont use it except for saving webpage contents as a whole. Other than that Netscape really gives me all I need.

Preferences toolbar (&scrollbar code) is being rewritten, its not going to be just a fixing of the scrollbar issue.. its going to use part of a API that is being added to currently. I browse the web, not look at the preferences panel all day like you keep an eye on your dancing cattle.

macpeep.. try upgrading some drivers or memory, or add to your memcache setting in Advanced tab.. dont know about all your blinking issues, but all does not blink!

Ns6.2 rocks over 6.1.. worth the time to download for performance issues, and many bug fixes that you may never know about..