Netscape Releases Netscape 6.2

Tuesday October 30th, 2001

Netscape today released version 6.2 of it's browser based on Mozilla. Downloads for a variety of platforms and languages are available (we've linked to the english builds, there are other languages of Netscape 6 available, and we expect that, as in the past, more tranlations of 6.2 will show up later), and you can also check out the release notes. This release comes off the Mozilla 0.9.4 branch, and is the third major release from Netscape using Mozilla.

#37 Re: I like it!

by rkl

Tuesday October 30th, 2001 3:50 PM

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Other tech sites did notice, but I presume you don't include MozillaQuest as one of them. As usual, Angelo does his usual "cut-n-paste from the previous 3-4 reviews and add in a line or two new in there". Still ludicrously obsessed about the bug count (just how many major or critical bugs are open for 0.9.6 at the moment ? I bet you it's a lot less than the "1082" he's claiming), although I missed his standard rant about how evil turbo mode/Quick Launch is (he usually tells people not to install Mozilla or Netscape at all with this feature in - maybe he's finally relenting ?) - maybe his mouse slipped when he was cutting and pasting :-)

Quite why Angelo keeps claim that each successive release of NS 6.x is "make-or-brake" (yes, this is how he spelled it) is beyond me. If the browser wars were over long ago like he claims later in the article, then NS 6.x can't actually be a "do-or-die" or "last gasp" offering, can it ?

I keep wondering if Angelo has some sort of serious grudge against the Mozilla project - maybe he tried to get employed at Netscape and got turned down flat or perhaps he works undercover for Microsoft ? As I've said before, maybe he just needs to be medicated for his condition :-)

Me? I'll just keep using Mozilla and reporting bugs - it's clearly the best browser on Linux now (yes, I've tried Konqueror and it's JavaScript support is dismal - how people fail to mention this in places like Slashdot and the like is beyond me) and it's pretty close to IE 5.5 and 6 on Windows too.