Big Changes At MozillaZine

Monday November 16th, 1998

As you can see, some work has been going on around here... we've done away with some of the unused subsections, and retrofitted the site to better accomodate some of the changes that will be coming soon.

The big news is that Jason Kersey, MozBin maintainer, will now be taking over the fetchBuilds section and maintaining the new screenshots page, as well as helping with the article submissions. The builds section will be a little dry until the NGLayout transition is done, so stay tuned, and keep checking back.

The header now takes advantage of the "background image in a table cell" feature of NN4. If you don't have NN4, the page will still work, but it won't be as perty.

If your browser has any problems rendering the new layout, bring it to our attention immediately (send mail to mozAdmin). If you can, include a screenshot showing the problem.

Hope you enjoy the site, and stay tuned for more changes coming up soon.

#7 Re:Big Changes At MozillaZine

by bloviate <>

Monday November 16th, 1998 10:45 PM

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First of all, I think that all the changes are really great. I can finally browse the site at a reasonable speed with my speed-demon 100 MHz Mac. From the designer's point of view: The talkback box with all the forms in it at the bottom of a talkback list is too intense. Tone it down a bit. Perhaps take the light yellow color instead of the green and white instead of the yellow color. I think you should take the "more news..." link out of monospaced type. Let it blend in more, with the normal font. I think that a good idea to at least test would be to use the faded yellow on the right side of every page. Like a background within the green border. Just to reinforce that that section is not related to the story at hand. Also, the "older news" gif on the right side of the front page has too much space on the bottom of it. Take it off and it will look more like the "talkback" gif. The black "mozillaZine" logo at the top of the left of the starting page should be nudged down a couple pixels. Or the grass should be nudged up. If it was actually setting on the grass, with is the illusion I assume you endeavor to create, no white space (sky) would show though under it. Also, the second mozillaZine logo on each page (the one on the right) draws too much focus. You should make it a brownish green color like you have the dates set in. You might also consider making it the orange of the visited links. You should consider ditching the little icons for stories. They don't look very well spaced on my Mac (Mac's tend to make type miniscule.) Overall, I think the new design is very nice. Perhaps I can contribute something to it sometime. ;)