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Thursday October 25th, 2001 today announced that OEone, makers of the Penzilla Linux device that uses Mozilla as its shell, will be offering a significant portion of their calendar code to Mozilla. For more info on this, check out Gerv Markham's post by clicking the Full Article link.

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by flacco

Sunday October 28th, 2001 9:12 PM

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>> I doubt that johann_p knows the algorithm for determining the Gregorian date of Diwali. If, however, he does, and is willing to do the programming to put it in a Mozilla calendar, that would be damned helpful, as it would have a great deal of utility in my life. <<

If you're really interested in this stuff, there is a book called Calendrical Equations with about three hundred pages of calendar-related calculations, including Hindu calendars (and Diwali).

Unfortunately the book also comes with this idiotic copyright statement:

...for strictly personal use you may copy and use the code... Any other uses, including without limitation, allowing the code or its output to be accessed used, or available to others, is not permitted.

Had I known of that copyright statement I never would have bought the piece of crap.