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Thursday October 25th, 2001 today announced that OEone, makers of the Penzilla Linux device that uses Mozilla as its shell, will be offering a significant portion of their calendar code to Mozilla. For more info on this, check out Gerv Markham's post by clicking the Full Article link.

#39 ERICmurphy

by jedbro

Friday October 26th, 2001 6:59 PM

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Hello... I also e-mailed you about the project, with no response... I personally think that Jabberzilla is an AWESOME application, with a HUGE future for mozilla, and also for JABBER.. I think Mozilla would be a great way to "evangelize" Jabber, and get it out to more people...

I am VERY dissapointed with you saying you are "bitter".. does this mean all your hard work has been done in vane?

Could you take the time and right up a quick mock-up of a document stating exactly what needs to be done to make Jabberzilla able to be put in the Mozilla tree??????

Mabey some of us could help you get there. As I ahve seen on posts here and other places, GERV has been VERY supportive of Jabberzilla, and we all know it being included in the tree would be ANOTHER WIN-WIN situation for both and MOzilla!

Please re-concider your stance on "having given up", and let's let the Dream come alive again.