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Monday October 22nd, 2001

Many of you are familiar with the Bug Day's that we started a few years ago. Well, with the number of people wanting to help out skyrocketing these last few months, and others have decided that a bug week was in order. They'll be running it from Saturday October 27th to Sunday November 4th, and they'll have plenty of smart people on hand to help folks learn the bug system, learn how to use the various other web tools, and of course, learn some tips on how to contribute code to the Mozilla effort. Click the Full Article link to get all the details.

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by DavidGerard <>

Thursday October 25th, 2001 4:35 AM

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"And, if "some PHB" at Netscape is really questioning the need for and and open development model, maybe now is the time for to put out a call for more developers. To me that sounds hard, since anyone who is interested in Mozilla would already be contributing. Maybe there should be a more concerted effort to lower the bar for new developers, that means better documentation, etc. etc., so a solution is not easy."

The Patchmaker is a start. I've even downloaded Activestate Perl and Cygwin because of it. (Though actual contribution requires a surfeit of CFT ;-)

Here's a question: What does the infrastructure cost? What does Netscape pay? (Estimates would be reasonable answers, since those who know almost certainly can't say.) What would it cost to set up sufficient infrastructure outside Netscape?