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Monday October 22nd, 2001

Many of you are familiar with the Bug Day's that we started a few years ago. Well, with the number of people wanting to help out skyrocketing these last few months, and others have decided that a bug week was in order. They'll be running it from Saturday October 27th to Sunday November 4th, and they'll have plenty of smart people on hand to help folks learn the bug system, learn how to use the various other web tools, and of course, learn some tips on how to contribute code to the Mozilla effort. Click the Full Article link to get all the details.

#12 Re: Re: Arrr, the memories

by mpthomas

Wednesday October 24th, 2001 1:45 AM

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> Is the announcement not sufficiently clear?

You just made one crucial mistake ...

> Bug Week has very little to do with QA.

... Right there. If it has very little to do with QA, then referring to it as `Bug Week' is gratuitously confusing; not only is it inaccurate in itself, but it also seems like an extension of `Bug Day' when it is not. It certainly confused whoever it was who wrote the Mozillazine article summary, which began by talking about Bug Day, went on to imply that Bug Week was the same as Bug Day but moreso, and only made a very slight reference to contributing code at the end.

Still, referring to it as Bug Week has one minor benefit; the use of `BW_' as an IRC prefix for people who know what they're talking about will allow me to use the nick `BW_AHAHAHAHA'.

-- mpt