Gecko Appearing in Compuserve Betas

Thursday October 18th, 2001

AOL today confirmed that Gecko has been embedding into beta versions of CompuServe 7, according to this article. AOL 7 was released yesterday, still with IE as its embedded browser, but because CompuServe's software seems to be much like the AOL software, it's likely that we could also see AOL sporting Gecko as it's browser in the future.

#89 Oh, brother...

by Millennium

Tuesday October 23rd, 2001 6:57 AM

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>>You can't do serious client-side interactivity within the web standards.<< Sure you can. It's a little harder, yes, but the methods are more robust and powerful.

>>The W3C standards are created by academics who have no grasp of the needs of actual developers.<< Microsoft, Netscape, Apple... sure, no grasp whatsoever of actual developers. Right.

>>That's why Mozilla has had to adopt non-standard IE-isms like "innerHTML." IMHO they shouldn't stop there.<< No, Mozilla had to adopt that due to consumer demand. But it is not necessary. Everything that innerHTML can do, the DOM can do, and do it in a more robust manner which isn't limited to HTML only. OK, it's a little trickier to learn. OH, THE HORROR!!! You mean Web developers have to actually _learn_ something?

>>Are you a real coder?<< Actually, yes. I don't work on Mozilla itself, though.

>>If so, you know that almost all development environments have their own extensions and that most coders working on real-world projects take advantage of them.<< You're mistaking development environments for application frameworks.

You're also ignoring the fact that more and more "real-world" developers are turning their eye to portability nowadays. You can't have portability without standards.

>>The bug-riddled nature of Mozilla hurts us more than anyone<< And the even more bug-riddled nature of IE doesn't? My friend, you're the one who's dreaming.