Gecko Appearing in Compuserve Betas

Thursday October 18th, 2001

AOL today confirmed that Gecko has been embedding into beta versions of CompuServe 7, according to this article. AOL 7 was released yesterday, still with IE as its embedded browser, but because CompuServe's software seems to be much like the AOL software, it's likely that we could also see AOL sporting Gecko as it's browser in the future.

#30 Re: AOL has interest, I have proof!

by thelem

Friday October 19th, 2001 2:52 PM

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I don't think this is proof.

AOL is the parent company of Netscape, and it is no secret that Netscape are producing a mozilla-based browser (no MozQuest comments please). The reference to 6.2 (i.e. the successor to Netscape 6.1) only makes it look more like they are talking about AOL's list of issues for the Netscape release.

Besides, you said it was a bug in the email client (but you didn't mention the bug number, which makes me curious why not), and I am pretty sure that AOL won't be using the email part of Mozilla, just the Gecko rendering engine. AOL already have their own email software and (unless it has changed and IIRC) it uses an AOL-only protocol.